Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Aristotle Essay: Three Things to Note

Aristotle Essay: Three Things to NoteIn a short history of human culture, nothing comes close to the Aristotelian Essay. This book, which was the first work of philosophy, paved the way for modern thinking and innovation, while at the same time serving as a source of inspiration for philosophers in the past and present. Philosophers all around the world have found the ideas in this book applicable to their own philosophical endeavors. For those who are interested in such pursuits, this article is a must-read, so read on.When one has acquired an idea that can be transformed into a work of art, the first step would be to read the Aristotelian Essay, and interpret its contents to the best of one's ability. If one wants to be a writer of works of philosophy and fiction, then one will need to at least familiarize oneself with what the authors of the writings of other philosophers wrote about.As one can see, reading this book in and of itself is not enough. There are two other things one n eeds to do: take notes during the reading, and analyze their understanding of the contents of the book.Reading the text of the book itself, one should make note of the order of words and the flow of the author's words. It is to be expected that a text written by someone who is self-proclaimed an expert in his field would be difficult to understand. One should also make note of the various symbols used throughout the book, such as the distinction between specific and general ideas.After reading the text, one should attempt to summarize the ideas expressed therein. For each idea one associates with the text, one can also list the meanings of the individual words, in order to eliminate any ambiguity regarding the meaning of the passage. Such task can be done either in the margin of the book or in an outline form. The idea of simple organization is the common property among people. Anyone who wishes to organize the thoughts and concepts they have learned in the course of reading the Ari stotelian Essay can go through the list they have made in order to consolidate the concepts. Simple organization can also be achieved through the use of the alphabet or its equivalent letters.The ideas contained in the Aristotelian Essay are universal; thus, even the readers should be able to relate with the passage by heart. Thus, as a writer, one should try to find something more to say. As the ideas of all the philosophical works of the world are distilled into one particular concept, one should consider writing one's own philosophical masterpiece.One way to make the topic of one's book interesting to the reader is to examine the common property among people and identify the ideas that can be generalized to others. Using the ideas of other philosophers as a springboard, one can come up with one's own views on the subjects. Therefore, while reading Aristotle's work, one should consider some of the things he wrote and the importance of all the information he offered.

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